Gerakan: DAP is building castles in the sky

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GEORGE TOWN  –  Gerakan today accused DAP of allowing its Putrajaya vision to distract it from its responsibilities towards the people of Penang.

The lust for federal power and the lack of concern for Penang were apparent in the tone of speeches at DAP’s recent national congress, said hor Teong Gee, a member of Gerakan’s Penang liaison committee.

He said most of the delegates to the congress spoke about reaching Putrajaya but made no mention of issues affecting Penang, such as the lack of affordable housing, worsening traffic congestion, rising living costs, environmental degradation and social polarisation.

“Penang is to DAP like Penang is to Gerakan,” Thor said. “We are alive as a political entity only if we have control of the state.”

He also noted the delegates’ failure to criticise the DAP leadership, saying this showed they lacked the boldness of delegates at assemblies conducted by Barisan Nasional parties.

He acknowledged that BN had often been described as dictatorial, but claimed that the most intense criticism against the coalition came from its members.

“You hardly heard of anyone criticising the leaders in DAP,” he said. “Are they truly beyond reproach? One fellow spoke about money politics, but this was denied during the winding up stage.”

Another local Gerakan leader also criticised last weekend’s congress, joining the chorus condemning the delegates’ failure to elect enough non-Chinese candidates to DAP’s central executive committee to back the party’s claim that it is multiracial.

With the 13th general election looming and the DAP leadership trying to remove the party’s stigma of being a Chinese-based party, the delegates should have known better, said Wong Mun Hoe, vice chairman of Penang Gerakan.

The only non-Chinese elected to the committee were two Punjabis and one Tamil, he pointed out.

Asked if he felt the result of the DAP election would influence the decision of Penang voters in the coming general election, Wong said: “Penang folk may cause a two or three surprises. That is the beauty of elections in a swing state like Penang.”  –  FMT