G Palanivel Escaped – Punished Lim Kit Siang

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palanivelPETALING JAYA – The Registrar of Societies (ROS) today came under fire for its apparent determination to punish DAP and reluctance to act on complaints against MIC.

S Padnmanagan, who heads MIC’s SS2 Tengah branch here, said ROS had yet to get back to him on a complaint he filed last May 20 over his party’s failure to conduct internal polls within the period stipulated in its constitution.

He told he sent ROS a legal notice yesterday to demand information on the status of its investigation.

“Why is ROS dilly dallying in investigating my complaint against MIC but is quick to act against DAP?” he said.

“It is because MIC is a BN component party whereas DAP is not?”

MIC is split into two camps over the date of party polls.

Acting president G Palanivel has obtained the approval of the party’s central working committee (CWC) for branch polls to be held this December, which means the election of the president and other top office bearers would likely be delayed until next year.

Those opposed to the CWC decision want the branch elections to be held as soon as possible because the term of the current leadership has already exceeded the three-year limit set in the party constitution. – FMT