Former Kota Raja MP Vigneswaran dismissed Uthayakumar’s foray in the election

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PETALING JAYA (May,21) : Human Rights Party’s pro-tem secretary general P Uthayakumar had always professed that his heart was with Pakatan Rakyat. But now he could play the spoiler’s role in the Sri Andalas state seat and Kota Raja parliamentary seat .

His entry is likely to split the Indian votes in favour of Barisan Nasional.

Uthayakumar will be contesting as an independent as the Human Rights Party is not registered as a political party.
The Hindraf de facto leader announced yesterday that he would contest both seats in the coming general election and for the Sri Andalas seat, his entry is expected to make the fight five-cornered.

Sri Andalas state representative Dr Xavier Jayakumar, from PKR, said that he was expecting at least a five way contest.

“There are rumours that a Malay candidate would be fielded as an independent.
“Kita is also eyeing this seat,” said Jayakumar when asked to comment on Uthayakumar decision.

Jayakumar however is confident of retaining his seat. In 2008 he defeated MIC’s A Kamalam with a majority of 10,203 votes.
“I have served my constituency well. My record speaks for itself. The people are matured and will make wise decisions,” said Jayakumar who is also Selangor exco for health, plantation workers, poverty and caring government.

PAS’ Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud feels that Uthayakumar’s plan to contest in Kota Raja would only split the votes in favour of BN.
In the last election she defeated SA Vigneswaran (MIC) by a majority of 20,751 votes.
“Uthayakumar and Hindraf would only get votes from the Indians. He would split the votes in favour of BN,” said Siti Mariah.
She added that it would be impossible for Uthayakumar to win the seat even if the entire Indian community in Kota Raja voted for him.
Indians make up 28% of voters in Kota Raja. Prior to 2008, both the seats were held by MIC.

Former Kota Raja MP and BN’s Sri Andalas constituency coordinator Vigneswaran meanwhile dismissed Uthayakumar’s foray in the election.
“The battle will be BN against Pakatan,” he said. Vigneswaran also added that Uthayakumar had contradicted himself “He allowed Pakatan to take advantage of the Indians and now claims that Pakatan is not performing,” said Vigneswaran who is a former MIC Youth leader. -FMT