First aid tips that your kids should know

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First aid tips that your kids should know

It is the truth that parents can’t look after their children all the time. In some certain cases, first aid is needed, may be at home, at school, or on holiday. Therefore, every child should learn at least some basic first aid techniques.

Learn to call 911

Kids can learn to call emergency number as soon as they can recognize and remember the numbers. Parents should teach their children about the importance of 911 in emergent situations. However, they should also tell kids that calling emergency number is not for fun. And a child should be taught to call by different types of phones because anything can happen in any situation that we can’t predict.

Control Bleeding

Sometimes kids hurt themselves by falling or by a broken glass. In many cases, apply direct pressure to the area around the wound is enough to stop the flow of blood. They can use a paper towel, clean cloth, or a gauze pad. The bleeding part should be elevated.

Children should also learn to cover the wound for other people. If the bleeding still doesn’t stop, your children can place their hand over the person’s hand to help put more pressure.

First aid for broken bones

Children can break their bones accidentally when playing sports, running, or even walking. When bones are broken, blood leaks out into the surrounding tissue and causes pain. Teach your children to call for help from an adult or send someone to call for help if they break their bone or see someone breaks a bone.

A large broken bone can cause a lot of swelling around the injury. In this case, it is best to teach your kids to keep calm and do not feel scared. They can look for something soft such as a pillow to rest the injured part on before the help comes.

Fire & water safety

To prevent accidents on fire, show your kids some basic methods if they see fire close to them. For example, if the kid catches his clothes on fire, he needs to put them out immediately. They should know how to stop, drop, and roll. Parents can practice with their kids some techniques which the children have to do to save their life such as big fire or fire in high building.

To prevent accidents on water, always ask your kids keep the life jackets on and make sure they should stay in the sight of adults. The kids should be taught to watch out for rip currents if they go swimming on the beach. And if they stuck in one, they should swim parallel to the shore to get out. For pool-swimming, the pool needs a fence around it or a safety cover on it.

Children learn very fast. To teach them some first aid tips above not only help them protect themselves in daily activities and emergent situation, this also improve their independence and confidence when they grow up.

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