Financial aid for medical student from Batu Caves – MANTRAA

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Kuala Lumpur 
– Suresh Ramsamy, 26, a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery-MBBS student at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, hails from a semi-urban city of Batu Caves, Selangor.

He is the only child of Mr. Ramsamy and Mrs. Muthulakshmi who is 75 and 64 years old respectively.

Mr Ramsamy is a 75 year old retiree who had underwent below-knee amputation on the left leg in 2012 and had been on wheelchair ever since. He was doing a few odd jobs prior to the amputation and was the sole breadwinner for our family. His mother currently aged 64 years old was a stroke survivor with inability to tolerate excessive heat. Both his parents are undergoing medical follow-ups at Hospital Selayang and Selayang Baru Health Clinic (KK).

Initially, Suresh had given up on education, as we realized that the field of medicine necessitates money and couldn’t afford to finance his studies and had to work at A hotel in Brickfields for 2 years before being awarded with an opportunity to continue his studies at AUCMS, Penang.

Unfortunately, AUCMS had to be closed down due to internal problems and he was transferred to our current institution bearing only PTPTN as only aid. He still have to repay the loan granted for our first year studies at AUCMS, despite having to restart our course in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS).

He is hoping to raise funds amounting to RM 9,600.00 covering a part of his tuition fees remaining to be settled.

Gagasan Amanah Strategik (MANTRAA) President, Saudara Kumareswaran Sinayah today visited Suresh to handover financial assistance to settle his tuition fees.

“I will highlight Suresh’s plight to the relevant organisations and seek further financial aid for him to continue his medical studies,” said Kumareswaran.

“Suresh is a role model for Indian youths and I hope many youths will follow his footsteps, be more focused and determined,” he added.