Facebook Marketing / Strategy for MLM Business

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From The Desk of Magindren Kuppusamy

You have to understand how important it is to not promote your product or opportunity to the first people you connect with. Facebook should be used to build relationships with people and nothing else.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a Facebook page if you have not got one, but i’m pretty sure that everybody has a Facebook profile.

Now the next step is to join a few MLM or Network Marketing groups, and ask for permission to join. Once you’re in have a look at some of the comments people post, comment where you can, but leave smart comments.

Posting can also be a good way to get some comments. Google search a couple of nice quotes from some famous author or something, you should get comments. Then check out the profiles of the people who left comments on your post.

Sent them a message, do NOT send them a friend request straight away, you might get your Facebook profile blocked. Ask them if you can connect with them, and once connected ask them questions, and build your relationship. If they are also marketing on Facebook, offer them some free training or something of value.

You should set a personal target that you will connect with at least 5 people on Facebook every single day, day in and day out. That will give you a total of 150 targeted leads you can send to your lead capture page, where they can fill in their info and from there you can automatically followup on these leads.

When starting out with your online business venture, I really don’t recommend you start with Facebook just yet, you need to concentrate on building your foundation. The stronger your foundation is the better off you will be.

The foundation I used was article marketing, the more articles you have out there, the more free leads you will get, for life. Unlike Facebook, where you post your link, a few people will see it, but eventually it will not bring in anymore leads so start with a strong foundation.

Hope enjoyed this article and most importantly, i truly hope you learned something, but do you see the potential with Facebook? If used correctly it can truly bring in loads of free leads, and help to build your business online at a tremendous pace.

Start out with these small Facebook tips for now. I will be giving you some more advanced Facebook tips along the way

Magindren Kuppusamy is a Executive Director of The Kuala Lumpur Post and Business Consultant of AntsBees Business Consulting Firm specialize is Social Media Marketing.  magin@antsbees.biz