Erotic photos of singer leaked

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June 6, 2012 – Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin has confessed that she had asexual relationship with rapper K-Chek after erotic photos of her with the rapper were leaked online.

According to Asian Bite, the 23-year-old Lin admitted that she and K-Chek ‘did everything that a couple would do’ when she was dating him at the age of 16, during a press conference recently. The relationship only lasted a year, but a tearful Lin said that she did not know how the photos were leaked online.

According to Lin, she had only agreed to take the photos with K-Chek at the time because she ‘was deeply in love with him’ and that she ‘doesn’t remember taking any more erotic photos [other than those that were leaked] with K-Chek’.

Lin also admitted that she had taken intimate photos with other ex-boyfriends but said that she did not wish to think about whether they would leak those photos online as well. – YN

She thanked the support of her company and family and added that she plans to continue on with her singing career.