Embarrassment for the Opposition – Selangor Tops the poverty list

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(May, 21) The latest embarrassment for the Opposition is one that there are more poor people in Pakatan-administered states than ever.

Pakatan leaders in the states of Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor should all take note of the latest figures showing that, contrary to their claims of impressive development, they have in fact received more aid from the Welfare Department than many other states in the country.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Heng Seai Kie explained that as much as RM311 million has been distributed in welfare to some 111,674 eligible people in the three states.

Selangor was the worst affected, with some 40,779 people classed as poor and having to claim aid. It was closely followed by Kedah with 37,610 and Kelantan with 33,295 aid recipients.

Possibly the most striking interpretation was the fact that, of the RM1.2 billion given out as welfare assistance nationwide, more than a quarter was pumped into just these three states alone.

“The number of recipients in Klang alone is 5,137 people,” she said.

“This shows that Selangor, while claiming to have advanced under Pakatan, still recorded an unforeseen increase in the number of poor people in the state.”

The case of Kelantan is also a particularly uncomfortable one for the Opposition.

Despite controlling the state for some 22 years, PAS has categorically failed to resolve even basic issues there, such as providing clean water for schools.

As one local put it:

“The people of Kelantan are not asking for a revolving tower or tiered flyover. We only want clean water. PAS carries the slogan, Welfare State, but it can’t even solve the water problem. The people of Kelantan are very stressed out with this problem.”

The news will compound the issues facing Pakatan leaders who are busy dealing with internal infighting, instead of dealing with the problems of the people in the states that they govern. – thechoice