Effect of carrots on eye sight

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Effect of carrots on eye sight
We’ve been hearing parents urging us to eat carrots for better eye-sight ever since we were little kids. However, does munching carrots really help us with our eyes?

Carrots are packed with Lutein

Carrots are packed with lutein, which are crucial antioxidants that aid your health. Foods that are rich in lutein have been known to boost the density of pigment contained in the macula, which is the yellow-shaped oval area that allocates in the center of the retina. Once the pigment density has been increased, the retina would be in better protection, and the risk of experiencing degeneration would decrease.

Carrots provide carotenoid

To obtain a good eye-sight, you need to consume lots of carotenoid (also known as beta-carotene), which is contained in carrots. Once consumed, carotenoids will turn into a usable form of vitamin A, known as retinol, which is appropriate for the body to digest. Since beta-carotene is crucial for the body to produce vitamin A, a lack of beta-carotene will consequently lead to vision loss in low light conditions. That partially contributes to the reason why adults always urge us to eat lots of carrots.

Whenever you munch on carrots, you are consuming a considerable amount of beta-carotene. This beta-carotene after being consumed, goes straight to the liver where it will convert into another form of vitamin A. Carotene will also distribute to the eyes, where the goodness will convert themselves into a pigment named rhodopsin.

Carrots keep vision diseases at bay

Various types of vitamins and nutrients are found in carrot, for instance, vitamin C, E and A. Those goodness are the reason why people should eat more carrots, as they help decrease the effect of dangerous eye diseases, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. In addition, carrots have also been proved to be the type of vegetable that has the highest amounts of vitamin A, which means that consuming them will do wonders for people who are vitamin A-deficient. In developing countries, there are thousands of children going blind each year because of vitamin A deficiency, thus, munching carrots daily should be advocated.

Thanks to a lot of vitamins and minerals that the carrots carry, eating them brings you heaps of advantages. In addition, do some research and know how to combine carrots with other foods to get the greatest dishes and best health benefits. – hello DOKTOR