DUN Hutan Melintang: Desperate Kesavan jumping over trivial issues

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– Hutan Melintang Assemblyman, YB Kesavan from PKR is undoubtedly threatened by Dato V. Elango’s entry into Hutan Melintang constituency. Kesavan has been the Assemblyman for the last two terms.

Dato Elango, the Advisor to Menteri Besar of Perak and State MIC liaison chief is almost certain to contest in Hutan Melintang.

Since Dato Elango’s intentions made clear, Kesavan has been all out to look for excuses to deter Elango from contesting there.

Last Friday, Election Commission of Perak had investigated a complaint made by Kesavan on influx of transposition of entry in electoral roll into Hutan Melintang constituency.

Upon investigation, the Election Commission (EC) noted some glitches on the transfer of address made by Dato Elango and hence rejected his application.

Transposition of entry in electoral roll is not an offence under EC regulations.

Kesavan is just making mountain out of a molehill. His actions clearly shows that he is trying his level best to deter Elango from contesting him there (Hutan Melintang).

Yesterday, the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir had lashed out at Kesavan for being too petty. He said that shifting electoral address is permissible under the EC regulations and there should not be hue and cry over it. MB also stood firmly by Dato Elango and expressed full confidence in his advisor.