Dry yellow noodles to help consumers lose weight

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GEORGE TOWN, June 7, 2012: Universiti Sains Malaysia researchers have created dry yellow noodles to help consumers lose weight.

School of Industrial Technology head researcher Prof Azahar Mat Easa said the layered noodle contained capsaicin for effective burning of fat.

“Capsaicin is an active hot substance found in plants like chili and not many can consume it in large amounts,” he told a press conference.

He said in developed countries, like the United States, capsaicin was taken in the form of capsules and had a side effect on users as it contained chemicals, and also required a considerable expenditure.

Azhar said the product was the first of its kind in the world because it offered a supply of capsaicin without irritation or a sting in the mouth.

He said layered noodle could help reduce up to a kilogramme in weight a week if 50 grammes were consistently taken daily.

“The layered noodle is cross-blended and capsaicin is flanked by two layers of flour making it more elastic and dense.

“These characteristics allow the noodle to stay longer in the system and enable the substance to burn calories in the body,” he said.

Other than being nutritious and filling, the product could be enjoyed just like any other typical noodles.

USM was discussing with several companies to commercialise the product which was expected to hit the market soon at RM7 per 100 grammes. – Benama