Dramatic Action Party (DAP)’s – Dirty Jobs Exposed by National MIC Youth Chief T.Mohan

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MIC Youth ChiefDAP has again and again shown its true color. DAP willing to do anything for sake of powers and votes. Just because they want to attract malays votes, they even abuse their own election process and makes mockery of the choices of their party delegates. Even though the year just started, this action by DAP become “joke of the year” and now DAP can be proudly called as “Dramatic Action Party”

Its is really sticks when a Zairil who was initially ranked at number 39 in the CEC election now pushed to number 20 after so called error in the vote tallying process now been rectified. Moreover, Zairi is no ordinary Malayleader in DAP, He is secretary of CM Lim Guan Eng, the secretary general of the party.

Even what is more astounding is in the process to parachute malay to be “legally” elected into CEC, Lim Guan Eng failed to identify single true malay. By handpicking Zairil, whose “Malay” identity being disputed all over the media, Lim Guan had shown he is a leader of chauvinist party.

It is pathetic for a party who is championing for free, fair and clean pollos and run the election commission day in and day out failed to hear the basic principple of democracy, which is to respect the decision of party members in electing their leaders.

The first thing DAP should do is to have faith a fresh election rather than appoint a same committee and auditors to do “ dirty jobs” for Lim Guan Eng. What was the election committee doing? Are all the candidates contested in the CEC election were let known of this error? Is recounting of voters were done? These questions must be answered by Lim Guan Eng.

After all the brouhahas by DAP especially in taking part in Bersih protest, they are not even able to keep their house clean. Only GOD knows what elese these DAP leaders would abuse if given the power to rule the country.

DAP wont be able to hoodwink the Malaysian anymore. The Malaysians are smart voters, They are able to see and assess themselves the whole “drama” by DAP. This move would backfire. Not only they won’t be able to pull Malay voters, but the Chinese also seems to lose confidence on them.