Do not underestimate the Malays and underworld boss donates large sums of money to the opposition

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Whenever there are any news items regarding corruption or wrongdoings by Pakatan Rakyat people, the normal response from readers would be: what about those done by Umno people? What about NFC? What about the Scorpene submarines? What about Dr Mahathir? What about Najib? Etc….

Well, what about them? Have these scandals not already been revealed? Have the documents not already been exposed? The fact that you know about these scandals is because they have been revealed. So what more do you want revealed?

This is the typical Pakatan Rakyat response, in particular from the Chinese DAP supporters. And this is why Pakatan Rakyat is losing a bit of Malay support — that from the middle ground, although PAS still has good support from the Malay heartland. Malays are beginning to see the opposition spin take on racial overtones.

For example, Pakatan Rakyat leaders, in particular those from the DAP, like to whack people like Tajuddin Ramli, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, Daim Zainuddin, Dr Mahathir’s children, and whatnot. Granted these are Umno cronies. In fact, they are Umno nominees and we find out later that they are actually fronting for Umno. But why single them out for attack?

For every Umno crony there are dozens of Chinese corporate personalities who make money through their Barisan Nasional connections. Name me a Chinese tycoon and I will show you their links to Barisan Nasional. From the time of the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Chinese businessmen have used their political connections to make money.

But the opposition focuses their attacks on the Malays (or pseudo-Malays like Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary). The Chinese, who do the same as these Malays, or worse, are spared these attacks.

Do you know that there is one Chinese Yang Berhormat from Johor (Barisan Nasional YB, of course) whose brother is the head of the Chinese underworld that controls the prostitution, drugs, gambling and loan shark syndicate? Why is Pakatan Rakyat not attacking him when it has already been revealed that he even controls the police force and can influence the transfers and promotions of police officers?

The answer is simple. It is because this particular underworld boss donates large sums of money to the opposition. This is one smart Chinaman. He gives money to Barisan Nasional. He gives money to the top police officers. And he also gives money to Pakatan Rakyat. Hence Pakatan Rakyat does not expose him or attack him.

Now do you know why I am so angry with Pakatan Rakyat? For five years since 2007 I have been attacking these people. I have exposed tons of documents and more than half a dozen Statutory Declarations signed by police officers and underworld people confirming this matter. I am talking about Statutory Declarations, which can result in you going to jail if you lie.

But does Pakatan Rakyat follow up on this issue? Does Pakatan Rakyat attack these people?

Pakatan Rakyat remains silent because these people who I have exposed and attacked donate large sums of money to the opposition. So those who tried to follow up on my exposes have been told to back off. And I know this because many very frustrated Pakatan Rakyat people have told me that ‘the top’ has told them to back off and not attack these people who are donating large sums of money to the opposition.

The same goes for all those Chinese developers, such as those in Selangor, who used to donate large sums of money to Khir Toyo. These Chinese developers used to bribe Khir Toyo (in fact, they still give money to Umno). So we attack Khir Toyo. I have no problems with that. But why just attack Khir Toyo? Why not also attack the Chinese developers who used to bribe Khir Toyo?

Again, the answer is very simple: because those Chinese developers who used to bribe Khir Toyo are now donating money to the opposition, which is now the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Government.

Hence we are seeing Pakatan Rakyat raise issues concerning the corrupt Malay businessmen such as Tajuddin Ramli, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, Daim Zainuddin, Dr Mahathir’s children, etc. But no one is whacking the corrupt Chinese businessmen who are bribing the Malay politicians from Barisan Nasional. And this is because these people are now donating money to Pakatan Rakyat.

Do you know what the Malays are saying? They are saying that when Malays get rich the Chinese opposition leaders attack them and call them crooks, robbers, cronies of Umno, and whatnot. They resent it when the Malays get rich. But it is okay when the Chinese get rich. The Chinese businessmen are not crooks, robbers, cronies of politicians, etc. They are honest businessmen who got rich because they are clever and not because they are corrupt.

Do you know that some Pakatan Rakyat supporters even praise these corrupt Chinese businessmen and call them pragmatic and smart Chinaman? They say that the Chinese have survival instinct and know how to play both sides of the political fence. They argue that 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation has taught the Chinese how to survive.

Yes, corrupt Chinese businessmen are smart, pragmatic, have learned from 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation how to survive and play both sides of the political fence, etc. Corrupt Malay businessmen are crooks, robbers, Umno cronies and nominees, etc., who must be exposed and arrested and sent to jail if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the Federal government.

Do not underestimate the Malays. Not all Malays are stupid and cannot think. They may keep quiet and not rant and rave like those Chinese readers who post comments in Malaysia Today. But this does not mean the Malays are not capable of thinking and are not analysing what is going on.

Kalau Melayu kaya, jadi isu, the Malays are saying. Kalau Cina kaya, takpe, takde isu.

The same applies to those who take a stand. When Vell Paari of MIC expresses support for S. Ambiga we praise him. But is he not going against his party stand by expressing support for Ambiga? Why are we praising him? We should whack him for not toeing the party line. That is what we would do if it were a Pakatan Rakyat leader who makes a statement contrary to the party stand.

When Pakatan Rakyat people leave the opposition and become independent YBs or join Barisan Nasional we call them frogs, turncoats, traitors, etc., and say that they have been bought by Umno off. But we welcome Barisan Nasional people who leave their party to join or support the opposition. They are not frogs, turncoats or traitors. They have not been bought off by Anwar Ibrahim. They are true patriots who left Barisan Nasional to support or join the opposition because they have seen the light.

Why don’t we also whack Barisan Nasional people who support or join the opposition and call them frogs, turncoats or traitors and say that they have been bought off by Anwar Ibrahim? This says a lot about the attitude of Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

That is the way the opposition supporters think. We apply one standard for Chinese businessmen and another for Malay businessmen although all of them make money through their Barisan Nasional connections. And we apply one standard for opposition leaders and another for government leaders.

This is not about doing the right thing. This is about closing our eyes to those who support us and whacking those who do not support us. -Raja Petra Kamarudin