DLCW – Datuk Lee Chong Wei or “Don’t Let China Win”

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In the beginning, DLCW was mean as an acronym referring to Datuk Lee Chong Wei, our nation’s badminton star, but the DLCW was later turned into a campaign spurned around the nation and it has been altered as “Don’t Let China Win”.

First of all, why turn DLCW into a “Don’t Let China Win” campaign? What are the real motives behind this campaign? Was it made to belittle Chong Wei’s rival from China, Lin Dan? Was it made to pressure Chong Wei to ensure that he takes home a gold medal?

For those who had initiated the “Don’t Let China Win” (DLCW) campaign prior to Sunday’s final match, didn’t they realize that Chong Wei and the rest of the other athletes are merely competing in an international sports even called the Olympic Games? In the Olympic Games, everyone and every country were given a fair and equal opportunity to compete in all kinds of games that are allotted in the event, including badminton.

So, if this is a fair and equal game, why come up with a campaign to belittle the rival? Is fair to Lin Dan and Chong Wei as well? In this country, it looks like the campaign (DLCW) was aimed at pressuring Chong Wei to deliver the gold medal.

First, everyone of us knew that Lin Dan is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and in order to make Chong Wei same as per Lin Dan’s status, the BN government had decided to make Chong Wei a Lieutenant Commander (equivalent to an Army Major) of the Royal Malaysian Navy. In the beginning, Chong Wei was never in the military service at all. and giving him a rank of Lieutenant Commander of the Navy in order to make him in the same status as Lin Dan (a PLA Lieutenant Colonel) is just like making him a fool of himself, so awkward and embarrassing entire nation as well with a fake military officer.

Chong Wei has no military experience nor had he undergone any military training in order to qualify him as a naval officer. Chong Wei is just a pure civilian who excel in a sport of his choice, that is badminton. He has nothing to do with the military, particularly the navy. Meanwhile Lin Dan is a military man from the beginning and he had earned his rank right up to Lieutenant Colonel through his years of dedication, hard work and commitment to his country and the Chinese military as well.

Second, did Chong Wei got enough rest and was he given an ample opportunity to be in his own and enjoy some personal moment prior to the final match? No, not at all. In all his days in London, he was being constantly watched, his every movement was being recorded and followed by government and sports officials whenever he goes until he returns to his hostel. He was like being mentally tortured and controlled psychologically because his movements was being watched every now and then. He didn’t have a personal space or moment of his own for even a second.

Then, the prime minister and Umno president’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor even flew to London in her capacity as our nation’s “First Lady” and the patron of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) in order to cheer for Chong Wei to ensure he gets the gold back to this country. Isn’t that another mount of pressure on Chong Wei as well?

Come on, this is only a sports even which happens to be an international one and every country was given an equal opportunity to compete with one another in order to prove one’s ability to be a champion. Every athlete demonstrate their abilities and skills sportingly and naturally. Like we had said earlier, this is just a sport event which happens to be an international one.

So, let these athletes compete naturally and accept whatever results which is due for them. Why instil pressure onto them and torture their minds to force them to get some gold medals home? Anyway, we are glad that Chong Wei did got the silver and hope he would not be upset for not getting the gold. We understand that you are neither a superman nor a super sportsman. You are born a natural human being too like all of us.

By the way, we wish to remind the BN government, particularly the defence minister and Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Chong Wei is indeed a non-military man. He is just a civilian and sportsman. So, please don’t force him to be one if he is not. -viktorwong-socialaffairs