Dismal turnout at PMO gathering; epic failure for Tamil Malar

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Putrajaya – Supporters of tamil daily, Tamil Malar comprising of Opposition politicians, Caste based NGO leaders and former MIC President, Datuk Seri G.Palanivel’s hardcore supporters planned a mass gathering near the Prime Minister’s Office here this afternoon.

The groups were there to hand over a memorandum to the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak to compel him to interfere in the alleged chaos that took place at the daily’s oofice last week. They cry that supporters of Datuk M.Saravanan had launched an attack on them in an attempt to curtail the freedom of press.

Last week, a minor scuffle ensued between supporters of Datuk M.Saravanan and the office bearers of Tamil Malar, Oms Thiagarajan and Sarasvathy Kandasamy. Police reports were made and the matter is now under police investigation.

The two groups have given their account to the incident. MIC Wilayah Youth members reported that they went to the daily’s office to seek clarification on libelous articles published about Datuk Saravanan and they were stopped at the street by Sarasvathy and Oms Thiagarajan; hurled with abusive and provoking words. Datuk Saravanan, who was nearby, was informed of this chaos and he rushed to the scene to disburse the scuffle.

Contrary to this, Tamil Malar is accusing that Datuk Saravanan had mobilized his team comprising of MIC Wilayah Youth members to launch an attack on them.   

Police has classified this matter as rioting between two groups and investigation is still ongoing.



Abuse of freedom of press

We all believe passionately in the freedom of the press. However, the press does not have a licence to ruin people’s lives or reputations, and it should never be above the law. 

Due to declining circulation, has encouraged Tamil Malar’s race to the bottom. Scurrilous exploitation has replaced informing people’s minds. 

The daily has since targeted Datuk Saravanan and continuously published articles to launch personal attacks on him. At the peak of desperation, the daily published an article ridiculing Datuk Saravanan of dancing in trance to the tune of a tamil song during this year’s Thaipusam festival. 

The daily had abused the freedom of press and been insensitive to the feelings of Hindus as they lampoon a religious practice. Majority of the Hindus in this country were displeased with the daily and police reports is being lodged nationwide requesting police to take action against the daily for insulting Hinduism.


10,000 people expected but less than 1000 turned up

The gathering today in front of PMO has been an epic failure as it has not gained the expected support. People have shunned this gathering as it seems more like a political ploy rather than an effort to seek justice for Tamil Malar. The Malaysian Indians had realized that Tamil Malar is on a rage and personal vendetta against Datuk M Saravanan rather than uplifting the Indian community via their publications.

This clearly shows that these three groups failed to garner support of the Indian community.

It was even made worst when the call for gathering was made to a particular caste in Indian community rather for all members of the community. The caste sentiments were played up and this angered and displeased the fellow Indians.  Caste segregation has been construed as the major setback in the development of the Indian community.

The opposition politicians jumped the bandwagon to seek cheap political mileage. The desperate opposition members tried to cash in on the Indian votes by hyping this issue but it has seemed failed miserably. 


Palanivel’s faction is neither here nor there 

The supporters of Datuk Seri Palanivel had initially shown keen interest to hold talks with Tun Mahathir of Pakatan Harapan, as their negotiations with present MIC leadership is heading nowhere. They cunningly used this platform to show their displeasure towards MIC and the BN government in particular. Unfortunately this has backfired as they were unable to convince even 1000 people to rally behind them. Certainly Tun M will now reconsider his decision to embrace Palanivel’s men. In this circumstances, Hindraf and Waytha would seem to Tun M as a more potent Indian representation in Pakatan Harapan.

Once again luck is not in favour of Palanivel’s faction as chances would now be even narrower to return to MIC’s fold. It is perplexing to note that Palanivel’s faction never made attempts to resolve this issue amicably but were too keen in blowing the issue out of proportion, to the extent they were willing to cohort with the Opposition.

It is evident that Tamil Malar had resorted to this stunt to popularize the daily. Unfortunately, they have played the wrong cards and abused the freedom of press to launch personal attacks to satisfy their selfish desire. Certainly, it will lose the little support it had as the daily have seemed to enrage the Indian community.

Freedom of press is in jeopardy. It is not our intention to curtail the so-called freedom of press, but many of us want to define the current version as a biased institution that doesn’t deserve the respect of the public — a respect the past press earned by balanced news reporting without the constant attack on a single agenda issue.

That agenda is to destroy a MIC politician and subvert his followers.