Deepak: Rafizi, stop playing the blame game

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KUALA LUMPUR  –  Businessman Deepak Jaikishin has denied that he has anything to do with bank documents produced to the press by PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli that allegedly incriminates him.

He said he never met Rafizi and is uncomfortable with the way PKR has exposed the matter using his name to gain political mileage.

“The documents… are not my documents. I have never seen the documents. If he (Rafizi) said he got it from an intermediary, then who is he?

“I would like him (Rafizi) to come forward and explain how he got the documents,” he told a press conference at a hotel here yesterday.

Deepak also called on PKR de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to meet him to discuss the truth and not ask a ‘third party’ like Rafizi to politicise the matter.

He said he is standing alone in the matter and is ‘feeling the heat’ following the expose he made recently.

“If the truth matters, I invite Datuk Seri Anwar to come and present the facts of what they really are (with me).

Deepak said he will consult his lawyers to give notice to Rafizi in order to know who disclosed the documents.

In an immediate response, Rafizi told theSun that Deepak’s denial is expected.

He said that the documents were circulated by Deepak himself and as a company director he must be aware of the documents which are actually bank statements and receipts of his two companies.

“We can prove that the documents come from Deepak.

“He has to convince the public that the documents are not his. He gave the same documents to several people,” he told theSun.

Rafizi said Deepak is ‘playing a game’ and trying to put the media highlight onto himself for his “expose” which came on the eve of the Umno general assembly last month.