Daughter attempted suicide 10 times in less than a year

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SINGAPORE – This man, who can only be identified as James, and his daughter, who can only be identified as Mandy, leaving the District Court on 30 August 2012 after a judge sentenced Mandy to one year of probation.

Like all fathers, the last thing he wants is for something bad to happen to his daughter. But this 58-year-old dad is caught in an unusual and terrible dilemma.

In the past year, his teen daughter had tried to kill herself 10 times.

Fortunately, she never succeeded.

But now the law has caught up with her, and she is facing a possible jail sentence of up to a year, a fine or both.

The father, James, doesn’t want her to go to jail, even though he’s completely stressed out from having to keep his eyes on her all the time.

But keeping her in jail may, ironically, take that burden off him and save her from herself.

“What can the judge do to protect my precious girl?” a worried-looking James asked this reporter, as he sat and waited anxiously for the verdict in court on thursday.

James’ daughter, Mandy, 18, faced 10 charges of attempted suicide between last August and May this year.

We are not giving Mandy’s or her father’s real names to protect her identity.

The District Court heard that she suffers from mental retardation and personality disorder.

On Aug 31 last year, Mandy had asked her father to take her to Bishan library to meet her friend.

When she arrived, she went to a supermarket and bought a box of paracetamol, an over-the-counter pain reliever. She swallowed the entire box of 20 pills and headed to meet her friend at the library.

When Mandy met her friend, she told her that she was not feeling well and asked her to take her to a hospital. She ended up in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

A week later, Mandy attempted to kill herself again when she sat with one of her legs dangling over the ledge on the third storey of a multi-storey carpark at Kim Keat Avenue.

Fortunately, police and Singapore Civil Defence Force officers arrived in time to persuade her to move away from the ledge.

When Mandy was younger, she had slit her wrist in front of her Institute of Technical Education (ITE) classmates, James told The New Paper.

Because of the incident, he took her out of school. – AsiaOne

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