DAP should leave Pakatan

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by Reena Raj

THE DAP should leave the Pakatan Rakyat if PAS persistently insists that hudud is implemented.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said yesterday the DAP should have the moral courage and political dignity to do this and also to fulfill its accountability to the non-Muslim.

“We don’t believe that DAP can influence PAS in its policy direction. DAP is just a political eunuch as far as influencing PAS is concerned,” he told reporters after opening the MCA state convention here.

He said the only person who had made an open stand over the hudud issue was the party’s national chairman, Karpal Singh.

Chua said he had also explained to the MCA members in his speech that it was misleading to say the implementation of hudud would solve crime and corruption.

“There are 11 countries that practise hudud in the world and, if looked at closely, from the number seven of the countries are the most corrupted in the world,” he said.

“Some of the poorest nations are practising hudud as well and their crime rates are worse that Malaysia’s and where they have open conflicts.”

He said Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria were among those practising hudud.

Chua also called on MCA members to stay united and work hard. He said the party’s effort in contributing to the community and nation would be the best defence and weapon against the consistent attacks by the Opposition, especially the DAP.

“All the personal attacks should not cause our morale to drop. Instead, we should have more confidence because at the end of the day the people will choose the candidate and party that delivers and not those who just make empty promises,” he said.

Chua rubbished the Opposition’s policies under Ubah, saying the future generations would have to pay a heavy price for it.

He said the promises of a minimum RM4,000 monthly income, and the abolition of PTPTN repayments and import duties for cars would cause the government to turn bankrupt under the Ubah policy.

“When they dish out such goodies we are never told where the resources are coming from,” he said.

“The people should be vary of this type of political policy in which they are trying to pawn the whole nation to fish for votes so that the future generation will have to bare the burden.”

On a separate matter, Chua said MCA handed its list of candidates for the general election to the prime minister recently.

The party submitted 390 names for 130 parliament and state seats, for which each seat had three suggested candidates.

He said the list consisted of a combination of young, old and middle-aged candidates. – mmail