DAP polls: Dr. Ramasamy and Ganabathirao rejected for championing Indian issues? – Dato V.S. Mogan

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Kuala Lumpur
– Democratic Action Party held polling for the central executive committee (CEC) at the party’s special congress yesterday under the watchful eye of a representative of accounting firm SJ Grant Thornton.

A total of 1,356 members, constituting 53.96 % of the total delegates from 865 branches nationwide, turned up at the Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC) on Sunday to cast their votes.
In June, the Registrar of Societies directed DAP to hold re-elections and to use the 2012 delegates list. It had declared the results of the 2013 polls null and void.

“The results of the polls showed the dominance of Lim Kit Siang, who collected the highest votes and the late Karpal Singh’s son Gobind Singh Deo, who came second. 80% for the CEC position filled up and dominated by the Chinese and only 20% (3 Indians and 1 Malay),” said Dato V.S. Mogan, MIC National Information Chief.

“Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Professor Dr. Ramasamy only collected 359 votes from a total of 1346 delegation (13%) and failed to secure a place in the top 20. This clear shows that Dr. Ramasamy has lost his credibility and popularity among the DAP delegates. Dr.Ramasamy has been vocal on highlighting Malaysian Indian’s plights and considered to be the Opposition’s powerhouse in attacking BN component party especially MIC.”

He further said that the learned Dr. Ramasamy being rejected by his own party members is a clear signal that DAP does not accommodate anyone who aggressively voice out the grouses of the Indian community. Dr. Ramasamy proposed many plans to be executed for the betterment of the Penang Indian community but knowing of his vision, DAP delegates (majority Chinese) had shown him the exit.

“Probably the delegates felt that Dr. Ramasamy wasted much time on the golden chariot project and executing his personal vendettas rather than sincerely championing the core Indian issues. On another note, Dr.Ramasamy was not in favour of DAP joining forces with Tun Mahathir and forming Pakatan Harapan.”

Out of 16 Indian DAP leaders contested and only 2 made it, YB Kulasegaran and YB Sivakumar.

On the other hand, Selangor’s Ganabathirao was another casualty. Even though, he managed to secure 20 votes more than Dr. Ramasamy, unfortunately he was unable to make it in the top 20. Probably he too received the same fate as Dr. Ramasamy for paying too much attention towards Indian issues.

V.S. Mogan opines that DAP delegates have given a clear signal that it is a party for the Chinese and its non-Chinese members are just brought in as mere puppets to deceive the public and gain support from Indians and Malays in the General Election. The core struggle of the ‘racist’ DAP is to wrestle Putrajaya and make Lim Kit Siang the Prime Minister. DAP is a party for the Chinese and it will remain such forever.