DAP, don’t sit on the issue – Agree or Disagree

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KUALA LUMPUR  –  MCA has asked DAP to declare its stand over whether the four non-Muslims summoned for “khalwat” in Kelantan should be punished by the state government.

“DAP has chosen to argue whether it is right to say they were issued summonses for ‘khalwat’ or indecent behaviour.

“Let’s be clear over this issue – is DAP standing behind the four non-Muslims or are they still continuing to be defensive on behalf of PAS,” said MCA’s central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker..

Ti said MCA used the word “khalwat” within quotes to emphasise the actions and the party also wanted to challenge the definition of what was termed as indecent behaviour.

He said MCA forgave PAS politicians for their poor command of the English language, adding that media had used the word within quotes.

Ti said the 17-year-old boy had said his 15-year-old girlfriend had merely piggy-backed him and this was done in a playful nature at a park in broad daylight.

In the other case, the two men were in a car watching planes land at the airport and there were many other vehicles around.

“Why isn’t DAP defending the two men who have accused the council officer of demanding money to settle the case? Who is the culprit here?”

“If the two men had committed any offence, they would gladly have settled the charge but they stood their ground and refused to pay.”

Ti, a lawyer, said MCA would gladly provide legal support for the four against the Kota Baru Municipal Council for their outrageous actions, which infringed on the rights of non-Muslims.

Another central committee member, Loh Seng Kok, said DAP was setting a dangerous precedent by implying it supported PAS over the action against the non-Muslims.  –  The Star