Dangling The Carrot & Deceiving The Public – Raghavan

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With the most anticipated general elections looming, the tale of promises and manifestos are on turbo mode. All kinds of things are being said from broadcasting English Premier League matches for FREE to FREE motorbike licenses.

Football Matches & Racing Carrot


Have a look at the promises made my Pakatan Youth wing and compare them with the Barisan Nasional Youth Manifesto. There is a world of difference.

BN’s youth manifesto lays its foundation on youth economic empowerment while Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad spoke about free live football matches and making racing tracks readily available. Keeping with the saying that the youth of today are leaders of tomorrow, it is an easy option choosing which youth wing we should lay our hopes on.

The Toll Free Carrot


Just as Pakatan has been recycling the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) story since the last election, DAP’s Lim Guan Eng is recycling the toll FREE carrot. Lim says that if Pakatan wins, they would abolish toll charges on the Penang Bridge.

The abolishment of tolls rhyme has been repetitively sung in every election. However, post-election, nothing is undertaken at the state level. How many tolls have the Selangor and Penang state government abolished? The only toll charges effectively removed thus far are those done by the federal government.

The Tamil Schoot Carrot


In 2014, the Selangor state government promised the construction of Malaysia’s first Tamil boarding school and claimed it would be ready by 2017. They claimed that documents were already signed, and things were in process.

It is already 2018. Where is the school? Yet, they promise to build secondary Tamil schools nationwide if they emerge victorious in the 14th general elections. Lets not even get into details of the failed promise of Kampung Buah Pala. Even the late Tiger of Jelutong admitted that the state government of Penang failed to keep their promise made to residents prior to the 2008 general elections.

The Logo & Race Carrot


DAP leaders are claiming that they have agreed not to use their logo for the sake propagating unity under a single banner. However, Seremban’s Anthony Loke says that the Keadilan logo would be more appealing to win Malay votes. Who is playing by the race card now? If one alleges that BN plays the race card, how is the opposition any different? After all, individuals rejected by BN are presently leading them.

It is ironic that the once famous ‘Chinese Tsunami’ was deemed so racially discriminating, but the ‘Malay Tsunami’ is acceptable.

The Bankruptcy Carrot

An article in Bloomberg earlier this month has acknowledged that Malaysia is seen as the best growth story among emerging Southeast Asian markets. Foreign investors are pulling money out of Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines and diverting it into Malaysia. The internationally renowned news portal praised Malaysia for a sharp astounding turnaround in only one and a half years.

Hence, the old story about foreign investors are losing faith in the government and are abandoning Malaysia does not hold water presently. Those are issues of the past and are behind us. Even our ringgit is performing very well. The author of the article in bloomberg said that the ringgit is performing well because the country is running with current account surpluses. The World Bank considers Malaysia to be one of the most stable country in this region.

Harapan should hold their tongue tight and stop making false promises. Even Mahathir recently admitted that it was a populist manifesto and some of the promises cannot be fulfilled. The way the opposition is conducting themselves presently, they are fast becoming ‘Pakatan tiada Harapan.’