Current Penang govt had approved 8 times more hillslope projects – Dr Subramaniam

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– The hillslope development projects that have been approved by the current Penang government are eight times more than those approved by the previous state government, said MIC president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

He said the information was revealed during a ministerial meeting in Putrajaya recently, adding that it causes a risk of destruction to the environment.

He said the effect of the aftermath of development is important and what has happened in Penang must be taken seriously to avoid similar disasters in the future.

“There are many factors that caused the flood in Penang, and one of it is the development plan that doesn’t consider the environment.

“The state government should learn a lesson from the flood,” he told reporters after giving out aid to flood victims at Sri Muniswarar Temple in Prai, here today.

About 400  residents who were affected by the flood from Bagan Dalam and Prai received the aid.

On Nov 4, Penang was hit by the worst flood ever, which claimed seven lives and displaced more than 5,000 people. – The Sundaily