Consumers form an association and sue ASTRO

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I think its time for Astro subscribers to come together, form an association and sue those who run the service. Its time for consumers to practice their rights, once and for all.

Astro is getting complacent, its service is getting from bad to worse and soon the worst as compared to other providers in the region. Even in Cambodia where satellite TV is still new, its more than 120 channels are for all subscribers for less than RM20 per month without extra charges for extra features.

But look at Astro now. They are sucking our money (the subscribers) every month, making tonnes of profit on the back of highly imposed rates and lousy services.

A minute late in paying up your bill, they will cut you off. The worst part is, you wont be able to watch free TV stations like RTM, TV3, NTV7 and others. Wonder how stupid are these stations to fall into Astro’s trap!

I pay more than RM160 per month for some good channels (plus the supposed-to-be-free ones) but I always lose some of it. On the days I can tune in to 551, I cant get 553 or 554. Even there are times when 411 and 413 went ‘blank’. Other channels?

So, what are we paying for? Its just like paying high tolls to experience massive traffic jams!

Talk about bad weather. Its time when you lose everything. If it rains for an hour, nothing could come to the screen.

In Cambodia, the Philippines and other economies, their satellite TV provider have a back-up system should the program is interrupted by bad weather condition. However in Malaysia, even dark clouds will dampen Astro’s broadcast.

Consumers’ awareness in Malaysia is perhaps among the lowest in the world. Their ‘tidak apa’ attitude is giving plenty of rooms for Astro to cheat and toy them around. Those operators must be sued or they will continue providing us with all that shits!

I hope the government will review this ‘monopoly’ license awarded to Astro. Its time to make them use their brain by having a good competitor.

When that monopoly expires in 2016 (am I right), push for a new set of strict compliance to them. Otherwise, we as consumers better drag them to court and make them pay for such a lousy service!

We need a true provider by the year 2020. No point becoming a fully-developed nation with a Grade 3 service! -justread-whatever