Chua: DAP, Your amendments are doubtful

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KUALA LUMPUR  –  The DAP’s ability, integrity and leadership have come under public scrutiny following its admission to an error made over the tabulation of votes during the recent party elections.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek also questioned the DAP’s promise to bring about a better change for the 28 million Malaysians when it could not even handle a party election that involved only 1,800 voters.

“The DAP’s integrity is also in question as it only made public the error after two weeks,” he said here yesterday.

Dr Chua told the Star the “amendments” that saw a Malay member making it into the DAP’s central executive committee had raised doubts among the people.

“Some people asked whether it is a political tactic, as the DAP is desperate to package itself as a multi-ethnic party,” he said.

Dr Chua said the development in DAP should be an eye-opener for all Malaysians.

“The DAP is very good in misleading the people to gain support while at the same time trading their interest for its own gains,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Dr Chua said some DAP supporters had realised the party’s true colours, and had turned to MCA for help.

He said MCA would help people in need, irrespective of their political background.

“The DAP leaders will tell the people to make sure the party wins the general election so that it can help resolve their problems,” Dr Chua said. “The people have been suffering and waiting in vain for help since the elections in 2008,” said Dr Chua who had met another young DAP supporter who had come to his office for help yesterday.

MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu said the tallying error showed that the DAP still could not get its house in order.

“It’s a major fumble. This whole process is inconceivable,” he said.

“It surprises me that top leaders are still trying to do damage control by blaming their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.”

Penang Barisan Nasional publicity bureau head Tan Cheng Liang said the difference after the error had been detected was not a couple of votes but a few hundreds.

“This is sheer incompetence. Mind you, this is the outcome of the party’s national election – not some branch election,” she said.

State Barisan Youth information chief H’ng Khoon Leng questioned whether the election outcome was rigged.

“It’s obvious that the DAP is very racist because it has tried very hard to ensure that a Malay face was voted in for political mileage,” he said. “This will become easier when they go to Malay villages to campaign during the general election.”