Christianity an official religion of Malaysia, continue supporting Pakatan Rakyat, God bless you my son

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By Viktor Wong

The administrators of the Umno youth facebook page has finally apologized to the public for its offensive postings recently, saying that “those who agree to make Christianity an official religion of Malaysia, continue supporting Pakatan Rakyat, God bless you my son”.

The apology made by Umno youth has finally signify their admission to seditious postings in their facebook page. However, the authorities should continue its action against those who are involved in such seditious postings. The Evidence Act and Seditious Act are both applicable to such an irresponsible action. No one should be above the law when come to spreading message of hate and disunity.

So, what happened to all those so-called “sandiwara” played by the Umno youth leader earlier? Lodging police reports around here and there denying the ownership of this facebook page of theirs and in one particular report had also gave a conflicting statement by saying that someone has hacked into their page.

In one occasion, Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has even mentioned that he was ready to be charged under the newly amended Section 114A of the Evidence Act. Just look at how unreliable is Umno youth, first they strongly deny it, claiming it to be a false account, a hacker has hacked into their page and many more excuses. Then finally they admitted that it was their mistake and that particular “administrator” has been removed.

Can Umno youth identify who is that particular “administrator” which has been removed? Is this the person that Khairy had earlier claimed that he has already identified but refused to reveal the person? You claimed to be transparent and now you are covering up the culprit.

By the way, why are the authorities still keeping so quiet about this? Can’t they see the postings has been proven? Can’t they see that someone has admitted and apologized? Can’t they remember Khairy has identified the culprit, as alleged by him earlier? By the way, where is that Perkasa? Why are they too so dumb about this matter? Just because these postings were Umno’s? What if they are from PKR, DAP or PAS? They are sure to jump the hell out of their pants, screaming and yelling here and there, calling the police to take stern action.

But in this case, Perkasa is as quiet as a mouse. They are actually hypocrites, great pretenders and opportunist. As for the seditious postings, we hope Khairy could not surrender himself to the police since the administrators of the Umno youth facebook page has clearly admitted their guilt.

Can the authorities please clarify if these bunch of guys are above the law or what?

– viktorwong-socialaffairs