Chinese New Year falls on 2 different dates ?

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images (22)KUCHING  – Chinese New Year falls on two different dates, depending on which calendar is used.

Based on the ‘Solar’ calendar, today is the beginning of spring (‘Li Chun’), meaning it is the beginning of the New Year.

But the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year on Feb 10 this year because they follow the ‘Lunar’ calendar.

In China, people eat ‘chun-bing’ (spring biscuit) on this day while farmers often celebrate with special events in the village, including worships and offerings to the gods. These ceremonies are held with the hope for a blissful and prosperous New Year.

‘Li chun’ is frequently mentioned in Chinese literature, and its most famous reference is a poem by poet Du Fu titled ‘Lichun’.  It describes the custom of eating ‘chun-bing’.

Singapore’s fengshui queen, Master Lynn Yap, in her predictions for 2013, did give the significance of today a special mention and advised people “to go to the bank, wear red top, and bank in cheque or cash to your name or company’s name”.

Believe it or not, Yap claimed, she had been doing this for the last few years and her wealth did grow!  – borneopost