China against semi-nude models at auto show

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For the second time this year the Chinese government issued a warning to organisers of an auto show regarding its skimpily clad models.

This time, organisers of the Chengdu Auto Show held earlier this month, were told to behave when three models posed for Kia, Citroen andToyotain near-nude outfits.

According to Car NewsChina, one model, Ms Yan Yu, wore a mesh top with nothing but a flesh-coloured bra underneath and hot shots.

She posed with Camry for a very short time before she had to be removed as photographers swamped in to take photos.

A second model, for Kia, was singled out for wearing a pink top with cut-out sections exposing selected sections of skin.

The Citroen model was spotted wearing a very short top and stockings with garters.

In April this year, organisers of theBeijingmotor show were also reprimanded over provocatively dressed models. The Beijing Capital Ethics Development Office had said that the revealing clothing of some models – including a deep V-neck top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress – at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has a “negative social impact”. –AsiaOne