Cheap petrol, Toll free and Free education – under a Pakatan Rakyat government your life will be transformed

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By Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Oh yes, under a Pakatan Rakyat government your life will be transformed. The highways that you travel on would be toll-free, even the petrol that you need to feed your engine would cost lesser, while you could get a new set of wheels at half the price. Good riddance to that old worn out junk starting to fall into pieces.
Even your children’s education will be funded by the state. So with more spending power Malaysians can afford a better quality of life, without having to be indebted up to their noses.

The 1Malaysia Privilege Card to be given to all Malaysians would become a joke, as everyone would already be enjoying lower prices that come with their own credit cards in the future.

A political transformation

PR will ensure a free market economy, so that goods remain competitive and within the budget of everyone. Protectionist policies would become a thing of the past, and businesses that do not learn to compete on a level playing field will suddenly find themselves out of business e.g. Proton. Er.. hem!

This also translates into a healthy economic trend that will encourage businesses to innovate and embark on research and development.

Foreign investment will return by leaps and bounds, as the political climate improves and Malaysia becomes a fully-budding and blossoming democracy.

Naturally, the brain drain will be reversed as patriotic overseas Malaysians return to their homeland, keen to help revamp the country.

Even personal freedoms and statutory rights would be protected, allowing everyone to say their piece in the administration of this country.

Oil producing states would receive 20% oil royalty instead of the current 5% which is yet to be given to states like Kelantan. The current 5% that Kelantan deserves which amounts to RM800 million a year would make life really bright for the Kelantanese and for the people in Sabah and Sarawak too.

Political sanity and widespread reforms

For once, Malaysians can sigh with relief, as the invisible siege mentality that weighs down the entire country is lifted. Political sanity would return and the rakyat would be encouraged to adopt critical thinking.

Existing laws would be reviewed to reflect the times. The Evidence Act that was recently enacted to stifle dissent would be reviewed while outdated laws would be purged from the system.

PR politicians would be unlike BN politicians, who simply love to play politics instead of serving the public. The government would be accountable, competent in their administration and transparent. What a difference from the current disastrous BN government which chooses to hide behind a web of lies under the antiquated Official Secrets Acts.

Politicians would have to abide by a strict code of conduct that prevents ‘frog-hopping’ and also be held accountable to the people.

Cronyism would become a dirty word, and outlawed by a strict Tender System. Any abuse by politicians will signal their impending demise – politically speaking of course!

Constitutional reforms

The Federal Constitution would be restored to its former glory with its original noble goals intact.

The pillars of government – the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature would be independent of each other. In simple terms it means that no one can ‘play’ or stab your back. The corrupted and the criminal will have to pay for their crimes as only the innocent shall be accorded protection.

The outflow of illicit funds would be stemmed, and efforts to get these funds back into the country would begin by identifying and prosecuting those who were guilty of the massive money laundering. These culprits are indeed a threat to national security.

Petronas, as the largest industry in the country, would be put under the purview of the government with full accountability to the public.

A total revamp of the Police Force will help the cops regain their respect from the public and reignite their interest and dedication to protect the country’s citizens and enforce the law in a proper and non-corrupt way.

End of political re-engineering and the beginning of racial healing

Population re-engineering would come to a halt, and those who do not deserve citizenship will be shipped back to their country of origin (even if they speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia).

Education would be put on a new pedestal, and the power of the Internet would be made available to everyone in the country.

Islam would retain its position as the religion of the country, while freedom of worship would be protected.

Racism would be totally outlawed and stiff sentences would be imposed on racist bigots.

Race and religion would be dropped and erased from our personal records, and Malaysians should adapt to their new identity as Malaysians.

Efforts would be made to ensure that everyone deserves equal citizenship rights in this country.

Our History books would be reviewed and rewritten to ensure a truthful chronology of our past struggles.

Reduction of foreign labour

Foreign labour would be reduced to ensure that every Malaysian regardless of skills and education has access to adequate paying jobs. Today, unskilled Malaysians cannot compete with the foreign workers brought into the country due to the absence of a minimum wage. This situation will only aggravate the unemployment rate in this country.

Isn’t it absurd that the salaries of clerical staff, despatch riders and factory workers are equal or lesser than what the blue-collar foreign laborer now earns in Malaysia? I am talking about towns and cities outside of the Klang valley where the average wage is still way below international standards.

First world nation

Reducing foreign labour will also reduce the amount of monetary funds that leave our shores, and in no time Malaysia will be a first-world country, probably overtaking resource-scarce Singapore which has an average monthly median income of RM6,500.

Impossible?! Not really, as long as we strive to work harder and are backed by a caring government, we would reach first-world nation status in no time at all.

That means everyone in this country can afford to pay cash for an iphone or ipad, instead of going into debt and buying on credit.

More people would deserve to own a platinum credit card in the future with that kind of disposable average income. So when the time comes, remember not to leave home without it (the card, that is!).

There would be no turning back

Barisan Nasional, after governing for 55 years, should question themselves as to how they managed to miss all the above aspirations desired by the Rakyat and paint themselves into a corner without any future or hope of forgiveness from the populace?

How did BN manage to bury themselves in such a deep cesspool of debts, racial tensions, religious strife, wanton corruption and distrust that combined together will ensure that they are thrown into the political rubbish heap!

The Rakyat will no longer feel so merciful towards the BN now that their eyes have been opened to the massive corruption that has gone on under their noses for the past 5 decades. BN leaders will argue they tried their level best, but their best wasn’t good enough. And by far!

The Rakyat are a fussy lot and they do not condone failure nor are they amused at having being taken for a ride. RM1 trillion worth according to the Global Financial Integrity in its latest illicit outflows report.

For BN, it was good…while it lasted. But they have been caught napping on the job once too often, and also with their fingers in the till. They seem to have totally forgotten their role as administrators of this country.

But not to worry. Warming up the Opposition bench or alternatively their prison cell – depending on how guilty they have been – will allow them quality time for soul-searching and to determine what went wrong! -hornbillunleashed