Catch and charge big fish to win election

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Gomen Man

Get ready for the wayang kulit to begin. Elections will be held after Hari Raya, probably in September. And how do I know?

Do I have a crystal ball? Definitely not but Najib Razak is doing what Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did when he also needed a mandate from the voters.


1) Get the authorities to charge a so-called big fish with corruption to show the “government’s resolve” in fighting corruption. Abdullah picked Eric Chia, Kasitah Gaddam, Ramli Yusof and a couple of others. Hey, did anyone remember that everyone was cleared!

Now we are told that ex-Sime Darby CEO is going to be charged with CBT. This case is going to be milked by Najib administration and the MACC, both bodies with little credibility. Will anyone remember if and when Zubir Murshid is acquitted, the same way that Ramli Yusof was cleared?

2) The Klang Valley water rationing. This must be the only country in the world where some private sector company can decide it wants to ration water and where the corrupt and imbecile mainstream media goes on a rampage again the state government which will not give in to blackmail and threats.

People of Klang Valley get ready: the Umno operatives and the fat cats who want the state government to pay RM8 billion for water assets want to cut our water supply and make us so angry that we will vote Pakatan Rakyat out of Selangor.

This is not about water rationing, this is water terrorism. And should we ever bow down to any form of terrorism?

3) The BN government wants a feel-good factor before the election. So this year’s National Day is meant to give us a warm and fuzzy feeling about the country and its leaders.

National Day has been hijacked and the BN’s election theme is the same as the National Day theme. Some 2,000 Malaysians from overseas are supposed to be flown back to say how wonderful the country is.

Mind you, many of them have left the country. But the Najib government needs any sort of endorsement. Expect also another RM500.

4) The number of Najib’s posters around town and on trains is probably rivalled in Stalin’s Russia or in Hitler’s Germany.

The subtitle message is that Malaysians may not be able to trust Umno or BN but we should trust Najib.

Malaysians, only we should decide our fate. Let’s not fall victim to window dressing in any form. -hornbillunleashed