Cash rewards to more than 1,000 participants of the National Day even by Barisan Nasional

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By Viktor Wong

The Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is offering cash to all participants of the upcoming National Day event which is to be held at Kuala Lumpur this 31August 2012. An email from the prime minister’s department has revealed that the government will be offering cash rewards to more than 1,000 participants of the National Day event.

It has been confirmed that all these participants would received an amount of RM100 each for five days, from the dates of rehearsal right to the actual day. Wow! throwing cash again.

Is this part of their electoral incentives? Just because the 13th general elections is somewhere around this time and this is why the government is giving out cash to everyone. First they thrown out RM500 each to everyone under the BR1M scheme, then they poured out another few millions of Ringgit to the Felda settlers, another round of RM500 will be disbursed soon but no news yet.

Apart from this, by offering such cash rewards to the participants, it looks like the BN government is buying patriotism instead of calling for volunteerism in this very important event. If this continues, it will certainly send a wrong message to the next generation on what a National Day or Merdeka really is. This is truly an insult to the spirit of Merdeka.

Asides, the prime minister Najib Razak who is also the finance minister is also expected to announce series of cash rewards and incentives in his Budget 2013 speech at end of this year. This is how BN is going to make the entire government treasury bankrupt.

And when the government coffers really goes empty, then Najib would then instruct his Bank Negara governor to print more money. And guess what, the Naib government would make history by becoming the Malaysian government with most cash rewards to the public ever.

Go ahead, waste more money, throw as much cash as you can. Good riddance!