Bully Schoolmates beat up boy – injuries dashed his dream to become a footballer

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PUTRAJAYA – Muhammad Faris Annuar’s dream of becoming a professional footballer was shattered after his schoolmates beat him until almost every bone in his right ankle was broken two weeks ago. The 14-year old student of Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Serting, Negri Sembilan, was allegedly beaten for 11/2 hours by more than 20 students.

Faris and another student were punished for allegedly disobeying the school rules by lingering on the school grounds after hours.

“They picked on students randomly and I was one of the victims. They had also beaten up a few others the previous night, and we knew that they were coming for me next.”

Faris said the group entered his room through the dormitory after he refused to open his door at 2.30am on July 29. They took him to another room where they took turns to beat, kick and knee him in the stomach. They also wrestled him to the ground, which resulted in his broken ankle.

“They only stopped when they heard a loud crack in my leg.”

Faris now faces a lifetime of problems as his ankle is permanently injured. His mother, Salina Shahril, 39, said she was shocked that such behaviour was rampant in the school.

She said she planned to take action against the parents of the boys involved in the attack, as well as the school authorities. – NST