Breast squeezing event for charity

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We are all aware of the assortment of games, bazaars, and other money-raising events held for charity. In Japan, however, they have other means of raising money.

Recently, a breast-squeezing event was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was part of the “Erotica Will Save the World” event.

Here’s a brief summary of how the event took place:

1) Participants lined up (ID was required to prove they were over 18)

2) Money was donated

3) Participants washed their hands

4) Breast-squeezing commenced. (Two squeezes per hand were allowed.)

“Erotica Will Save the World” took place August 25-26. I think the name of the event speaks for itself. There were many other events such as “Masturbation Marathon.”

All money raised will help STOP!AIDS, a charity promoting awareness, treatment, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. – Weird News Asia