Breakfast with The Kuala Lumpur Post – The Bee Solaris Dutamas

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The Bee Solaris Dutamas, serves really good coffee which is very similar to the ones in Australia.Try Australian coffee.

The Bee Coffee Latte and Capuccino

The coffee isn’t acidic at all and is silky smooth. Enjoyed this cup of coffee very much compared to the other Malaysian franchise coffee shops around. Both the Coffee Latte and the Capuccino are priced at RM8.50 a cup. Quite expensive but if to compare The Bee’s coffee with Typica Cafe, the latter are far more expensive.

The Bee at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Coffee break wouldn’t be complete without any cakes. So order The Bee’s Fat Boy Bakes Cakes. The Bee named their cakes “Fat Boy Bakes Cakes” on it’s receipt. Could it be that their cakes are supplied by a fat boy? The Bee’s Cheese cake with Mars Chocolate Bar @ RM10.50. First impression was “Oh boy, this fat boy can really bake!”. It was simply delicious. It was chessy creamy on top, and chunky and chocolatey at the bottom of the cake.

The Bee Cheese Cake with Mars Bar

The Bee Tiramisu Cake is also priced at Rm10.50 a slice. The nuts on top were very crunchy and sweet. Although it the earlier cake outshine this slice of cake.The Bee Tiramisu Cake

The Bee also organises events from time to time for it’s customers. Events such as live comedy shows, coffee appreciation classes and others are organise to allow. The Bee to engage it’s customers and to know them better.

The Bee Indoor Restaurant Layout

Since its opening, The Bee has managed to attact many locals to its restaurant. Wooden tables and chairs of different designs and sizes can be seen are place randomly around the restaurant making it’s restaurant look very unique and artistic.

The Bee Outdoor Restaurant Layout