BN creating more publicity for Anwar Ibrahim and general public is tired of the same old tactics

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Editorial Choice

Anwar Ibrahim has become nightmare to many; some are having sleepless nights due to him. Anwar Ibrahim a former ABIM leader was brought into politics by Mahathir Mohammad and then his rise in UMNO is well known to everyone. He was removed by the one who brought him to UMNO. Anwar went through years of trial agony, stress, shame and last the court acquitted him of the sodomy charges.

His episode does not stop here. Some time ago photos and videos were released someone like him wearing a sarong with a prostitute. Lately the same group was reported claiming that they have new evidence against Anwar which was recorded in Jan 12th and 13th in Thailand. He as well as his family was put to endless trauma and stress. The general public is tired of the same old tactics being used against Anwar. Anwar’s political opponents don’t seem to have any other way to bring Anwar down and damage his political career.

His political opponents failed to realize that same style or tactics creating more publicity for Anwar Ibrahim. Even though the BN led government has full control over the print and mass media, the rakyat still get their information they want know through the electronic and borderless channels especially social network. The social network has created tremendous impact on the right segment of the voter or potential voters, where they share information and get influenced. The Pakatan or the opposition has capitalized this channel as it targets the segment of voters who communicate over this network.

Even during the last UMNO General Assembly to the amusement of many, leaders were seen criticizing Anwar to the maximum rather than addressing pressing issues affecting the Malays and the nation. This goes to show how much Anwar’s thoughts have affected and haunted our leaders. This is only a jist of Anwar’s nightmares. The country has not seen any political leader in this country who has undergone such agony, shame, and stress like Anwar in the last quarter century. If a normal human being put in a situation of Anwar, he would have committed suicide but this man still defends him and he has his family.

Even though people want to forget Anwar, BN leaders, selected electronic and print media as well as rejected politicians now and then give new lease of life to Anwar, making Anwar an unforgettable person in the minds of the public.

The Pakatan has nothing to lose as it is widely speculated that it will retain most of the states it won during the 2008 General Elections and it has a strong chance of wresting back Perak. Even though much has been said and done, it is a plain truth that the majority of the people of Perak despite of race and religion are not happy that the way BN took over the government. Pakatan is also confident of making some inroads in Negeri Sembilan and Johor. Anwar lately has said that his prime mission is to win the election and capture Putrajaya. He further claimed that economic reforms initiated by Najib are only favorable to a few who are close to him but it will not benefit the majority of the public.

Some prominent BN leaders say that Anwar’s and Pakatan promises are baseless and if implemented the government will go bankrupt. Leaders like Lim Guan Eng have denied this. A BN politician who declined to be named says that Najib works very hard, he cares for the people and he wants fast results. He works tirelessly going to the ground but he has to also resolve issues after issues which blossom from time to time.

People appreciate Najib’s intention of cash handouts and approval of instant projects and allocations. But at the same time people want to see a just and fair elections, they don’t want any cover-ups; they are against corruption and mismanagement of tax payer’s money and etc. The current hot topic is NFC issue as well as the Government Servant’s new salary scheme issue, poor transport system.

Some of the goodies which have been promised by Pakatan are gaining momentum like Abolishment of loan taken through PTPN, reducing the price of oil the next day if Pakatan captures Putrajaya, abolishment of tolls and renegotiating with toll concessioners, and welfare state. These are all day to day issues and the people are attracted to this. BN leaders claim this is impossible to be implemented but the Pakatan is confident that they will implement this if they come to power.

The people need a stable and a government which is not corrupt and transparent as well a government which is fair to all the citizens and a government which provides security and share the wealth of the country equally. The rakyat must not been burdened any further. The people are tired of politicians accusing and challenging each other. They need politicians who read the sentiments of the people and eradicate their problems timely and effectively.