Be truthful with your Indian upliftment policies – Sunther tells opposition

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The DAP and PKR Indian politicians are unable to layout proper plans to uplift education and socio economic issues of Indian community, said Datuk Sunther Subramaniam, MIC Central Working Committee member.

The opposition leaders are also consistently inconsistent in its stand on many issues, he said, adding that DAP, PKR and opposition front are only good at empty talk and politicising issues for their on agenda. Eight years ruling Penang and Selangor, opposition can’t draw out a proper development plan for the Indians? They don’t know or don’t intend?

The best part is opposition Indian politicians don’t even have a solid stand within their own party. The recent DAP CEC polls is a clear proof of what Indian politicians command in DAP.

Sunther opines that it is high time the opposition Indian politicians realise that they are made mere puppets to deceive and grab votes from the Indians.

The way the opposition Indian politicians expresses themselves are only to make MIC look like fool to win votes but, in reality, they always envied MIC for being able to resolve matters involving empowerment of Indians.

Sunther said that since DAP & PKR took over the Penang and Selangor state government in 2008, it has been gambling the future of Indians and till to date nothing significant has been delivered for the betterment of Indians.

“They (the opposition Indian politicians) have always pushed the blame and responsibility to MIC,” he said.

They also failed to proof the claim of 300,000 Indians being stateless. After thorough scrutiny, MIC only managed to gather about 12,000 cases and reported it to Kementerian Dalam Negeri for their further action.

He also vowed to work together with the party leadership to ensure that MIC wins more seats in the next general election adding that under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Barisan Nasional had implemented Malaysian Indian Blueprint, various development and transformation policies that are inclusive and beneficial to the Indian community.

The BN government also not only focused on the B40 but also looking to increase Indian participation in public services to 7% and corporate sectors where we are lacking for instance in banking and finance, technology, energy etc via various new complimenting policies, as well as to include more Indian representation in senior government positions and GLC’s over the next few years.

Sunther also urged MIC members to be pragmatic and practical in reaching out to the Indian community as well as help to empower them economically.