Baru:Edwin Singa’s death is a criminal case ,Do not turn it into racial issue

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MIRI: Ba Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian has advised the people of Lawas to remain calm as the death of Edwin Singa Pelipus, 19, last Friday is a criminal case and not a race or religious issue.

“Let us all allow the police to investigate the matter and let the law takes its course. This is not a race or religious issue, and we must not allow this incident to become one,” said Baru in a press statement emailed to The Borneo Post yesterday.

Baru, who is also a lawyer and state PKR chief, said the murder of Edwin in Lawas was tragic and extended his condolences to Edwin’s family.

He noted that the protest in Lawas last Monday  wanted justice done, and added that the organisers had alleged there were two other cases of physical violence and stabbings – one resulting in grievous bodily injuries and the other turning the victim into a physical handicap.

Baru said it was alleged these incidents occurred in Lawas from as far back as 2005, and they were all linked to a drug known as Syabu (methamphetamine).

It was further alleged that all these criminal acts were perpetrated by the same group of people.

Baru commended Lawas police chief DSP Fauzilan Abdul Aziz for giving his personal assurance to the protesters that the case would be fully investigated. – Borneo

He added that the protesters also wanted to highlight the Syabu menace that had been plaguing Lawas and demanded that the authorities put a stop to it.

“They want to make it known that their protest was not based on racial or religious sentiments, unlike those suggested by some bloggers and irresponsible quarters seeking to stoke or incite racial and religious sensitivities by reporting twisted facts.

“Let no party or persons claim that racial or religious sensitivities have been affected. Let us be clear that this is strictly a criminal case and that as peace loving citizens we shall let the authorities do their work unhindered.”

Baru claimed he had sent a text message calling for calm and advising the protesters not take the law into
their own hands, and he was grateful that they dispersed peacefully after the protest.

“I have raised the issue of Syabu in Lawas during the DUN sitting this year, and it is unfortunate that it takes a killing for the authorities to finally agree to act.” – Borneo