Barisan Nasional bankrupt – no resources to obtain cash.

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We are referring to The Star’s report today highlighting the logging business which had went out of control, thus destroying the natural environment and habitat in most of the forest in the state. Yes, we too are especially concern over the clearance of thousand of hectares of forest which would further do more damage on the environmental conditions.

Apart from the forests, hills were also being summarily cut to pave way for housing development projects which has been mushrooming in the state, currently managed by the PAS-PKR coalition government.

We are wondering, why for most of the time, The Star is only focusing at Kedah? What about North Perak, Pahang and Sarawak? These three states are the worst affected with massive legal and illegal loggings for the past few decades. The people of Sarawak suffer the most as the result of these illegal loggings. Did you know what happened in North Perak forests? The BN federal government is near bankrupt now and this is where they got their resources to obtain cash.

Why isn’t The Star highlighting the grievances of the villages and its people who were affected by these loggings in these three states, since the conditions in these states are the worst? We wonder if The Star (currently owned by MCA) is targeting only Kedah just because the state is currently rule by an opposition coalition while Perak, Pahang and Sarawak states are all under BN control, and that is why they don’t even dare to make such highlights and concerns to the public.

If The Star is really caring for the environment and fear for its impact due to massive development and loggings, then conduct your research in all states as well. Do it honestly and not based on the political affiliation of your company. -hornbillunleashed