Azmin Ali mother’s emotion was a plot created by UMNO.

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Kuala Lumpur May 8 (Bernama) – Puteri Umno today refuted allegations made by Parti Keadilan rakyat (PKR) vice-president , Mohamed Azmin Ali saying that expression of his mother’s emotion through the television station recently was a plot created by UMNO.

Its chief, Datuk Rosnah Abdul rashid Shirlin who described the allegations as having no basis, said she was dissappointed with Azmin’s accusation that the interview with his mother was planned by Umno to attack him. This is a shallow allegation to say Umno has the ppower to influence blood relationship between mother and child. If there is friction in the family, as a son and party leader, Azmin is supposed to set a good example, “ she said in a statement, here Tuesday.

Rosnah, who is also health Deputy Minister, said Puteri Umno hoped that Azmin could learn from these issues, and try to improve his relationship with the family, instead of blaiming other people and relating such acts with a political agenda. Stressing that Umno did not have anything to do with the issues, Rosnah said what was clear now was that the opposition leader had been trapped by his own act. Bernama