Azmin Ali has denied being the man in the sex photographs

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KUALA LUMPUR, 2 MAY, 2012: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has denied being the man in the sex photographs that’s been posted on various pro-Umno blogs.

“I strongly condemn the vilification made against me to shame me and my family. The disreputable slander that’s being spread by Umno-controlled media has picked it (the series of photographs implicating the PKR leader) up from pro-Umno blogs. These slanderous photographs show a man that they alleged to be me with a woman in a toilet,” Azmin said in a statement posted on his blog yesterday.

“I strongly deny the defamation. It’s just a fitnah attempt using the same modus operandi as the one used against Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” he added.

Photographs of a man resembling Azmin allegedly engaging in a sexual act with a woman have gone viral on the internet.

The pictures can be found in various blogs, including,,, and

There are two sets of four the pictures with a man resembling Azmin in the hall of a house cuddling with a woman in a black t-shirt and jeans while the other showed what looks like the same woman in white t-shirt and jeans performing oral sex on the man inside a toilet. He is also seen lifting the woman’s shirt.