Anwar’s move is that of a boy who cried wolf

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Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives have laughed off PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s prediction that “a wind of change” would sweep across Sarawak come the 13th general election.

Likening Anwar’s move to that of a boy who cried wolf, the BN leaders said people have branded the opposition as a nuisance for raking up problems.

PRS deputy president Datuk Joseph Entulu said Anwar was only bragging because nothing drastic was going to happen.

“He just wants to beat the empty drum, hoping to boost the morale of his troops, and that is expected. I mean he told the whole world previously they would march to PutraJaya by September 2008, but nothing happened.

“I admit the fight is getting tougher with all kinds of new strategies, including dirty tactics, they are using. But don’t expect any tremendous or drastic changes,” Entulu, who is also Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development, told The Borneo Post yesterday.

He added that the opposition was just manufacturing lies to confuse the people.

“Over time, people know about the opposition’s agenda and what they claimed were actually baseless.”

On Sunday, Anwar predicted that the wind of change would blow across East Malaysia, in particular Sarawak, after the coming polls.

The opposition leader claimed that there would be a big change in the political scene in the country, particularly in Sarawak, attributing this to better political awareness among Sarawakians.

Entulu, who is also Selangau MP, expressed optimism that the opposition would not be able to better their performance in terms of seats.

“Seats wise, no, but in term of votes, that I wouldn’t know. BN will do better this time around both in terms of number of seats and votes.”

He, however, expected stiff battles in the urban areas, but not in the rural areas. Entulu added that the BN leadership and strategists were doing a fine job.

Tarat assemblyman Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn too believed that people would not be hoodwinked by the opposition’s empty promises.

“People have grown fed up of them (opposition) for making all kinds of noises and empty promises. The way I see it, the opposition will perform miserably in this general election.

“This is because people will continue to rally strongly behind BN. The opposition’s mission will fail,” said Sagah, who is also deputy State Legislative Assembly Speaker.

On PBB, he said they had shifted into high gear and were ready to face the impending election.

When asked about the opposition’s strategy to use locals to unseat the BN, he opined that the opposition had problems getting credible candidates.

Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie said most Sarawakians had made up their mind and would throw their weight behind BN.

“Why do away with the golden goose that lays the golden eggs? The BN government has brought vast development to the people, from building roads, schools, hospitals to providing welfare assistance to lessen the burden of the needy.

“People would not want to experiment with the opposition, sacrificing their future and that of the future generations.”

Abu Seman, who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister, said Sarawak had grown by leaps and bounds under BN.

“The sterling leadership of CM has transformed Sarawak into a vibrant and progressive state, poised for more growth and development.”

He mentioned that the chief minister was a very far sighted leader and practised fairness in his administration.

“All races in Sarawak are represented in the Cabinet and in terms of elected representatives.”

Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee recalled the opposition making a similar prediction before the last state election.

“This will not happen as Sarawak will continue to remain BN’s stronghold. As shown in the last state election, Sarawakians do not want the opposition’s brand of politics.

“People believe in the prime minister’s transformation programmes and the chief minister’s politics of development to bring them to a higher level of growth.”

Meanwhile, PKR Sibu division chairman Simon Tiong begged to differ, saying that from observations made the people do want change.

“Our struggles are based on what the people want.”

(Source: My Sarawak)