Anwar said on loan – Tian Chua said paid for it – Private Jet

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This is another typical Pakatan Rakyat bullxxx being feed to its supporters – another appeal to its voters to buy tickets for dinners including even fund-raising auctions!

The Pakatan Rakyat leaders are telling their poor supporters that the opposition coalition is a poor party that’s terribly short of funds fighting the odds against the mighty BN. That’s the perception that they want to show to its supporters.

But Stop The Lies have exposed how PR leaders including PAS’ treasurer Dr Hatta Ramli has happily joined Anwar Ibrahim on an expensive chartered jet flight to Sabah and Sarawak. We are sure many of the folks – who fork out their hard earned money at PR dinners – want to know how much was spent on the trip!

Anwar said the private jet was on loan to him while his favourite lap dog, Tian Chua the psycho path, said they paid for it! We think they should consult each other the next time they lied. Consistent lah sikit!

We ask Anwar to explain about his RM1 million campaign bus fitted with 19 chairs including massage chairs and his super toilet that has sufficient room for two persons! Maybe they should invite the kampung folks to try those massage chairs when they next stop at a kampung! Maybe the kampung folks should ask Anwar why the toilet needs to fit in two persons!

The rakyat should ask at every fund raising dinner – especially those organised by the DAP – how much has been collected and who is accountable for the collections?

And what have we heard now! Lim Guan Eng flew into Ipoh on Sunday to attend the Perak DAP convention in a helicopter! Watch this space for more updates!