Another RM30 Million waste of public funds by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak

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By Viktor Wong

The Chinese government had agreed to loan two baby pandas to Malaysia in an agreement sealed recently between the prime ministers of the two nations. The loan period of the two pandas to Malaysia is confirmed at 10 years.

As the weather condition here in Malaysia would make these two pandas difficult to live in, the federal government would have to build an air-conditioned enclosure to house these two unique bears, plus the importation of Chinese bamboos, some special food and medical facilities to upkeep the two bears.

The cost of the construction would take up about RM30 million, while to upkeep the two pandas, it would cost another RM20 million. We wonder where would this cash-strapped government get its money from in order to pay for all these costs.

The period of 10 years would not be enough to regenerate the income to cover the cost of construction of the enclosure and to upkeep these two pandas. After 10 years, when the two pandas are returned to China, what would happened to the enclosure then? Demolish it? Demolishing it would also cost quite a big sum too.

Why would this BN federal government want to take up such investment when they knew that it would be a loss? With RM30 million of the construction and RM20 million per annum (we are sure that these services would eventually be given and contracted to your cronies), you could have use those money to help our nation’s development, the people, to build more schools and so on.

It is simply a waste of public funds. -viktorwong-socialaffairs