Affair with neighbour’s wife – man buried alive

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A MAN was buried alive in Thanjur, some 200km from Chennai, India, for having an affair with his neighbour’s wife, reported Tamil Nesan.

Police said both Nadimuthu, 37, and Chandrasekar, 41, were friends before the latter had an affair with the former’s wife, Ramya.

Nadimuthu then conspired with his friends to kill Chandrasekar.

During a drinking party on Monday, Nadimuthu and his friends got Chandrasekar intoxicated.

They then beat him up until he fell unconscious before burying him alive under a bridge. Chandrasekar later died due to suffocation.

When police questioned Nadimuthu after Chandrasekar’s wife lodged a complaint over his disappearance, he confessed to the crime and led authorities to the body.