6P amnesty programme companies could have reaped up to RM10 million from the victims

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By :- Alvin Yap

PETALING JAYA: A migrant rights organisation has found evidence of what they claim is widespread fraud in Putrajaya’s 6P amnesty programme for foreign workers.

In a press conference last Friday, Tenaganita executive chairman Irene Fernandez said an official complaint had been lodged with Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Department against a group of companies led by a Bangladeshi national. She said the individual had been blacklisted in Bangladesh and the companies application to be 6P agents had been rejected by the Home Ministry.

Despite this, the companies continue to advertise openly, without interference from authorities and are registering workers for the amnesty programme. Tenaganita believes that up to 5,000 Bangladeshis could have been cheated by these companies which promised to obtain visas and work permits for them.

Depending on the job sectors, workers had to fork out between RM2,500 and RM5,000 and Tenaganita believes the companies could have reaped up to RM10 million from the victims. Fernandez said the situation had effectively turned the migrant workers into victims of human trafficking.

She also took the authorities to task for their lacklustre attitude. “It wasn’t simply the police who did not respond effectively to those serious complaints, the Immigration Department also appears to have thus far been lax in its duties.” Source -Selangor Times