30-year-old Alfa Romeo GTV6 is still his darling

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KUALA LUMPUR: For a car that is nearly 30 years old, one would expect the owner to drive it slow and not to overstress its aged components.

But businessman Albert Yesudian is all smiles as he talks about his pride and joy, a classic 1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6 that seems to be sturdier and performing better than some current day Alfa Romeo models.

Driving the GTV6 during a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kunming, China and back last year with a group of Alfa Romeo owners, Yesudian found out his older car was running much faster than many modern cars in the convoy.

“At certain stretches, my GTV6 was running at 220kph and I had to slow the car down for other Alfa Romeos to catch up,” he said on the sidelines of The Star Motor Carnival 2012 at Bukit Jalil Stadium here.

The GTV6 which is powered by a 2.5-litre engine, made the 13-day round trip, crossing Thailand and Laos to clock a total distance of 8,000km.
Yesudian’s car was among one of the highlights of the classic car display at the carnival which runs until today.

He bought the car in 1988 for RM50,000 and has since clocked some 400,000km on the odometer.
“When Alfa Romeo made the GTV6 in the 1980s, the Italian car maker had designed the model ahead of its time and that’s why the car is still performing well against newer cars of today,” he said.
During the entire Kuala Lumpur- Kunming trip and trip, the GTV6 performed without a hitch for a car of its age. The only problem Yesudian faced was a faulty battery which had to replaced.

Even though Yesudian has nine Italian cars, among them the Maserati and Ferrari, the GTV6 remains his favourite.

He has since gotten numerous offers to take the GTV6 off his hands even at prices way above its value but Yesudian said the Alfa Romeo was for keeps.

“This is the car that my brother and I got married in. The GTV6 was also the car which I drove during my courting days,” he said.

“Besides, this car also helped me raise RM40,000 to start my business,” Yesudian added. – The Star