18 year old offering sex for money

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An 18-year-old teenager in Johor Baru has denied offering sex for money.

The victim, known only as Xiao Fei, claimed that her picture had been misused by certain quarters who were out to tarnish her image.

She said she would be getting married to her 21-year-old fianc next year. They have been dating for about a year.

Maintaining that she’s “not one who would do anything for money”, Xiao Fei said: “I have a permanent job and make a decent income, as reported in China Press.

“I also do not have any link to any secret society as reported in another Chinese daily,” she was quoted.

Xiao Fei has been receiving SMSes enquiring about sexual services over the past three months after her number was posted on Facebook. She has since lodged a police report.