12-12-12 “A Challenging Period”

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PETALING JAYA  –  It is a memorable date but feng shui experts and numerologists say 12.12.12 is not suitable for auspicious events.

Numerological calculations also show today is actually a “weak” date.

“There is nothing special about the date. It is like any other date,” said Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences and Feng Shui founder Prof Master David Koh.

“While it is not an auspicious date, many are choosing to get married on this date merely because it is unique and easy to remember,” he said.

Astrologer Master Yuvaraj Sowma said people should enhance their spiritual practice in whatever faith they observe as the world enters a “challenging period” from today until Dec 24.

“People should avoid travel, making important decisions, marriage and business partnerships,” he said in an interview from Chennai, India.

While the world was not going to end, he said, people should be extra careful as dark forces would be stronger during this period.

Numerologist Sushmeetha Morugan said the destiny number derived from the date added up to the number two, which is ruled by the planet moon.

“The date does not have good energy. It is best not to do anything auspicious such as start a business or get married with energy of the moon,” she said.  –  The Star