Anwar Makes False Promises To Cover Failure

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As rumors of the General Election (GE) spreads wider, the opposition seems to be making more and more promises.

Sadly, all of those promises are just as good as lies.

The one who make most of those promises would be none other than the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar simply say all those things to attract voters.

His dreams to become the next Prime Minister and to sit in the comfy seat in Putrajaya is getting worse day by day, although he knows that all that would soon be crushed.

Wherever he goes to make his speeches, there have been no proof about any development that has been made by Pakatan Rakyat except for promises that would confuse rakyat.

Without a doubt, Anwar is really good in making speeches, false promises as well, that is why he fully utilizes his ability.

Few of the first promises that he often throw to villagers would be the saying that Pakatan Rakyat would reduce petrol price once he becomes the Prime Minister.

Just look at how desperate Anwar really is wanting to become the Prime Minister that he would make such irrational promises.

His excuse, Petronas gain billions of Ringgit each year. Just for that, he wants petrol price to be reduced.

Even if he stands proud due to the fact that he used to be the Finance Minister for eight years, Anwar simply showed that he does not think deep enough in matters of managing the country’s finance.

If that is how he thinks, it would not be hard for one to become a Finance Minister.

Every rakyat understand that when it comes to fuel, everything depends on the international market price.

That is why the government is providing huge amount of subsidies although fuel price had to be increased.

Anwar’s proposal to reduce the price of fuel is just absurd, and it would tarnish the nation’s economy.

Just look at how Pakatan Rakyat rule Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia.

If they are really proud that the state government’s reserve had gone up to RM1.2 billion under its administration, why add up RM200 million in debt just to subsidize free water that was promised to rakyat?

Source from Mynewshub

If every single promises made by Pakatan Rakyat during election campaigns acquire debts, states would eventually run bankrupt!

This is just free water, what about other promises? Free here and there such as funeral expenses, university students, newborn babies, funds for the elderly etc.

Pakatan Rakyat had never reveal to rakyat on where do they get their financial resource and how would they perform all those promises they have made.

Now, like what we have read in most media reports, Pakatan Rakyat is planning to sell their state lands and assets for development that even the building and land made for poor students under the Selangor Fund in Kampung Pandan would be sold to private companies.

This is how Anwar manages Selangor’s finance as Selangor’s Economic Adviser.

The position may sound big, but it would only cause damage and loss to the state and country.

Perhaps that is why our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad described Anwar as a failed Finance Minister!