1.3 million private sector workers still earning less than RM 700 per month

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by :-  P.Sivakumar – MIBA President

Right to Equal Pay for Equal Work

The minimum wages has been set for RM 900 per month in peninsula Malaysia and RM 800 per month in Sabah ,Sarawak & Labuan This minimum wage is expected to benefit almost 3.2 million private sector workers in the country

What is MIBA’s concern is that there are almost 1.3 million private sector workers still earning less than RM 700 per month In view of the escalating cost of living it is a wonder how they are managing their livelihoods

The Government has been careful in handling this issue by giving the private sector six months to implement the minimum wages from the date the order is gazetted If you take Malaysians who have been displaced from  the estates and plantations but continue to dwelve in the same locality have found new jobs as contract workers at the nearest toll rest areas and expressways as cleaners ,sweepers and maintenance workers

Their lives are no rosier as they are paid RM 20 to RM 23 per day for a minimum of 8 hours per day work doing menial jobs sometimes better than the foreign workers  who have become salesmen in food outlets and cashiers in petrol kiosks at the same toll rest areas The Government has given exemption on minimum wages to certain sectors like domestic help service , maid , gardeners and similar employment categories. This similar employment categories is vague and must be detailed by the Human Resources Ministry .

While the micro enterprises have been given 12 months timeframe to implement the wage structure . MIBA hopes that the Government will make it mandatory that all workers regardless of sectors or on contract basis be given a chance to enjoy minimum wages of RM 900 per month as a fair play. No harm even if they are sweepers ,cleaners, gardeners or maids who work the minimum of 8 hours as required by our labour laws .